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We provide a solution with oppertunity to advertise your online events with tickets fascilities to market and sell the event. Regardless of venue location, we are all set to advertise your event. You can host your event regardless it is a paid or free event and you could be any where in the world.

Why Sri Lankans Online Events & Tickets

We provide a solution to cmmunity addressing the need of supporting events and tickets requirements globally, specially targting expat community. Our community platform is a gathering currently we operate following destinations.

  • Sri Lanka
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • NewZealand
  • Canada
  • Middle East
  • South Korea

Some of our event has seat allocation fascility and we are working to improve this fascility.

Coming up..

  • Seat plan online and seat availability online
  • Barcoded entrance fascility with barcode readers
  • Mobile pay fascility (Apple Pay)
Host event digitally
Host event digitally

Regardless you have web site ro not we allocate you a dedicated page with

  • Details of events
  • Maps
  • Video
  • Images
  • Contact personnel
Book & Pay Online
Book & Pay Online

You could provide a booking fascilty for yours event with us. If the event is a paying event, we could provide secure payment fascility with industry leading payment platfrom.

We do not hold any card details and the data retention is strictly inline with EU GDPR, and data protection act in their prospective countries.

Your ticket provider
Your ticket provider

Our team could design and print your ticket for you. We will gather requirements and design a ticket with number of options. We take away the challenge in producing and delivering tickets for your event.

This could be also combined with online as well as paper printed tickets. We also provide daily ticket sales and allocation of seats on a daily basis.

Card payment fascility
Card payment fascility

We provide payment gateway fscility frm one of the top providers in Europe. This fascility would accept

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Meastro
  • Amex

Please note, all card processing will have a processing fee by the respective banks. Which will be taken away from the ticket value or event  management will pay seperately.

Free ticketing for community and religious events

Sri Lankans online is a community for expats. Part of the values of a cmunnity to help in the good causes community or religious events. We provide free tikceting facility online for such events. We are cmmunity at heart please contact us for details.